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The market position of Alico is to be the world-class expert of mud gate valve.
There are so many kinds of products and so many manufacturers in the mud valve field which leads to the mixed product qualities .It brings end users much trouble. According to many years' experience of producing, selling and after service, Alico has decided to take the way focus on superior products.
 Therefore we gradually step out of the field of other wellhead and pipeline valve producing and focus on our competitive product, the mud gate valve.
Our technical experts have perfected and optimized the design of the product dimension. We mass produce and manufacture with advanced CNC in response to the market so that the product quality has been improved and the unit cost has been cut. So, we believe we have the ability to provide the world with better quality products and lower price mud gate valve.
We can offer you almost all kinds of mud gate valve in the market: DEMCO Style (Model DM)OTECO Style (Model 72) 、T3(EEC) Style (Model HMV)TOPFLOW Style (Model TG) and Metal Seal (Model YM) mud gate valve.
Size: 2", 2-1/16",  2-9/16", 3", 3-1/16", 4", (4"×5", 4"×6") 4-1/16", 5", 5-1/8", 6"
Working Pressure: 1000psi, 2000psi, 3000psi, 5000psi, 7500psi
Material: A487-4C, 4130, 4135

The product design goes along well with API(ANSI) standard and can full interchangeable with CAMERON® DEMCO® OTECO® KF® TOPFLOW® T3® EEC® MCM® COBRA® MUDKING® O'DRILL® OEMIC®.
The expert on mud gate valve Alico will provide you with faster deliver time, better quality ,lower price and better after service. Alico services to the sincere willingness to you forever!

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