Alico Oilfield Services Inc.

Alico can supply T3 (EEC) Style Model HMV Metal Seal Mud Gate Valve and spare parts.

(100% Interchangeable with Model HMV Mud Gate Valve)

1) Size: 2", 3", 5" (2-1/16", 3-1/16", 5-1/8" )
2) Working Pressure: 7500psi
3) Connections: Flanged, Hubbed, Buttweld or Hammer Union

(Our Model HMV mud gate valve is a solid gate, rising stem valve designed for use in mud, cement or water service. Built for use in pressures up to 7500 PSI, the Model HMV Mud Valve meets the more demanding environments encountered in today's deeper wells. The simple seal assembly and floating T-Slot gate allows for smooth operation, excellent sealing properties, and easy maintenance.)
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